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As a leading supplier of high-density and medium-density polyethylene products since the 2000s, Q-Chem is committed to supporting our customers' needs. Our multiple technology platforms, combined with our innovative research and development team allow us to provide customers with a broad range of resins for their application requirements. Our world-class sales and marketing team and legendary technical support team can assist customers with resin selection, process optimization and application development.


Product Stewardship Summary


Q-Chem Product is packaged in the following modes:

  • In 25 kg standard PE bags and bulk liners
  • In 1.5 MT pallets, 12 layers of 5 bags each stretch wrapped
  • In bulk liners


Shipping Q-Chem Product is shipped by the following modes:

  • By trucks for land destinations, a truck load amounts to 24MT, 16 pallets of 1.5 MT each
  • By feeder vessels to the UAE ports, 20'' or 40'' containers stuffed with any of the packaging modes.
    • 20'' : product is stuffed in bulk liner or loose bags
    • 40'' : product is stuffed in 1.5 MT pallets

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