14 February 2018

Q-Chem celebrated the National Sport Day (NSD) yesterday with an array of sporting activities at al Reem Club, Messaieed.

The NSD is celebrated annually on the second Tuesday of February. For the seventh consecutive year, Q-Chem companies are dedicated to this nationwide event that has placed Qatar at the forefront in promoting active healthy lifestyle in the world.

With the attendance of company leadership team, hundreds of employees, along with their families turned out in one of the biggest national and company's sport meetings. Nasser Jeham Al Kuwari, CEO, was accompanied by chiefs, managers, and other key personnel. Their presence had a profound impact on employees' morale and their loved ones.

The venue was bustling with a dozen of indoor and outdoor activities that suited age, gender, and preferences of participants. These included football for adults and kids, aerobics for adults and female, fitness, plank challenge, obstacle games, spinning, bowling, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, and squash.

The indoor multi-purpose hall was abuzz with volleyball, basketball, table tennis, badminton. There was enough space in the hall to accommodate spectators who opted to enjoy and encourage others playing. Football, cycling, and children fun games were placed in open air grounds and attracted many.

Other activities included athletic tele-matches, obstacle race, sack race, long jump, speed bounce, as well as fitness awareness and health advices.

As part of the program and to encourage a more competitive, tournaments were held as early as January 25 with football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, basketball, and squash. The final matches were played on February 13. This created yet challenging atmosphere among the participants.

"The National Sport Day is an important event in our country. This is a wonderful opportunity for us coming together through sport." Said Nasser Al Kuwari. He added "We, at Q-Chem, are committed to this aim - promoting sports among our employees, and educating them on ways to reduce health risks associated with an inactive lifestyle. We encourage everyone to adopt sports as an integral part of a daily routine."