Philosophy and Objectives

  • The philosophy behind Qatarization is to enable Nationals who will be able to competently fulfil the roles and responsibilities assigned to them in their target positions. Q-Chem will seek all options to develop Nationals with a willingness and desire on their part to work hard and show loyalty towards the organization.
  • Our objective is to achieve "Quality in Qatarization" whereby we seek to recruit, train and develop and retain quality and competent Qatari males and females to hold permanent positions in our facilities. In this regard, our approach is strongly linked to performance and proven competency as these relate to meeting our operational requirements and consequent organizational success.
  • In addition to recruiting Qatari nationals, Q-Chem trains and inspires citizens to take on responsible positions in all areas of its operation.
  • Newly joined national graduates are entitled to a special training program tailor-made to develop their knowledge and skills known as “Development Plan”.
  • We always seek out ambitious individuals with an interest in pursuing the challenges of life.
  • As an employee in Q-Chem, you will hit the ground running, interact with your colleagues from day one and will be part of a skilled and professional team who will help you build your experience.