Success Stories

Abdulhadi Al-Marhoon currently the logistics superintendent:

He started his career from QP training center in 2000, in welding & fabrication section. In 2001, Abdulhadi joined Q-Chem as a welder (trainee), in the welding and fabrication shop, in maintenance department. Later on in 2002, he signed the contract with Q-Chem and became a direct hire, post holder welder, qualified for high pressure welding. Abdulhadi showed hard work and commitment for the company, and for that the senior leadership decided to award him with scholarship in 2004 to join the CNA-Q mechanical engineering technology program. At the end of 2007, he successfully graduated from the CNA-Q and resumed his duties with Q-Chem in 2008 as a mechanical engineer developee. Abdulhadi was appointed in 2009 to be the logistics mechanical engineer, then in 2010, a lateral movement took a place for Abdulhadi to join the production department, in Q-Chem II project as the Tank Farm area supervisor under logistics unit, Abdulhadi was leading the pre-commissioning, commissioning & startup activities and he has gained the operations knowledge and from there, he was promoted to be Logistics operating specialist in 2011. The senior leadership of Q-Chem awarded Abdulhadi with another scholarship in 2012, which is to do one year top up abroad to complete his engineering degree in UK. He did successfully complete his degree from Coventry University in 2013 and resumed his duties as a Logistics superintendent designate with a progression plan and later in 2014; he was promoted to his current position (Logistics superintendent).